Swim Lessons
Swimming Lessons:

Note: All lessons are for Full or Associate Members.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding Lessons, please send an email to woodhillsclub@gmail.com
2799 Bingham Drive, Upper St. Clair, PA  15241   (724) 941-9993      woodhillsclub@gmail.com
Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday - 9:30am-10:00am  ($50/child for 10 total lessons)
The only requirement is that your child be potty trained!  We have three ability levels of swim lessons available.

Beginner - for those "swimmers" who are really "wall hangers".  They like standing /jumping in the water and they are beyond a flotation device.  During Beginner lessons, instructors will work on developing a level of comfort with being underwater, techniques for fundamental breathing, front and back floating, water entry and return to the wall.

Advanced-Beginner - for those "swimmers" who can jump into the pool and return to the wall, under supervision but without assistance.  These swimmers can go under water without an issue and are starting to attempt a stroke and kick.  During Advanced-Beginner lessons, instructors will work on fundamental stroke and kick sequences, pattern breathing and swimming consecutive strokes.

Dive and Swim (9:30am-10:00am sessions only) -for the little fish of the family who might join the swim team next year.  These swimmers can put consecutive strokes together and are working on crossing a width of the pool "all by themselves".  During Dive and Swim lessons, instructors will work on having the swimmer enter the pool via a competitive start (dive) and swim the width of the deep end.

You can choose to come on Tuesday's and Thursday's, or Monday's and Wednesday's.  Lessons generally run for five (5) weeks, but if you have a scheduling conflict a 6th week will be used for make up lessons.  Pending enrollment, the opportunity may also arise to attend more than two lessons per week.

Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday - 10:00am-10:30am  ($50/child for 10 total lessons)
Beginner and Beginner-Advanced - same as above, No Dive and Swim.

Private Swim Lessons - Saturday - 10:00am-12:00pm

Sign-up for group or private swim lessons at the gatehouse.