Woodland Hills Club maintains a waiting list of family's who are eager to enjoy the many amenities that the club has to offer.  Complete and send in the Membership Application with a check for the $150 (non-refundable fee) to be included on the waiting list.  The wait is approximately 2-3 seasons. 

Family's names that are near the top of the waiting list, may have the opportunity to purchase an Associate Membership.  When your name is at the top of the waiting list (next in line), you have the opportunity to purchase a Full membership

Membership Application

Full Membership:

As a Full member, you own a share in the club and have voting rights each year.  Full membership requires a $225 initiation fee, $800 bond and $450 annual dues for total of $1,475.  The $800 bond is fully refundable if you resign and there is another family to fill your position.

Associate Membership:

An Associate Membership is ideal for those family's already on the waiting list who want to enjoy Woodland Hills Club while they are on the waiting list.  The cost of the Associate Membership is $665 / family.  The Associate Membership is only valid for one season.  As an Associate Member, you own no share in the club and have no voting rights.

There are limited positions for Associate Membership each year.  If you are on the waiting list and there are open positions for the Associate Membership, you will receive a letter from the Membership Committee (usually in April - May).

Members can purchase:
- Individual guest pass   -  $7 for 1 guest visit
- Caregiver pass - $25/month

Note: Caregivers for children under the age of 10 years old must be an adult (18 or older) and register at the gatehouse.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions for the Membership committee, please send an email to
2021 Waiting List
2799 Bingham Drive, Upper St. Clair, PA  15241   (724) 941-9993
as of 7-15-2021