Mr. Harry Peterson - Our Pool Manager for over 60 years

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Note: We are looking for members for the Nominating Committee.  Send us an email if you are interested (must be a member).

Board of Directors meetings held monthly.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions for the Board of Directors, please send an email to
Directors & Committees
  Harry Peterson, Jr. - Senior Manager*
  Jess Gombar - Business Manager*

Board of Directors - Committees
  Maria Tripodes - President
  Chris Olson - Vice President
  John Sozansky - Treasurer
  Kristen Stiglich - Secretary
  Amy Tomczyk
  Barbara Benedict
  Bill Sulkowski
  Eric Markovitz

*paid positions

Read the June 2, 2010 Almanac article highlighting Harry Peterson's 50 years with WHC !!
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